The Baby’s are here

21 04 2010
Fancy (Haflinger) Had a filly on 4-1-10
her name is Fallon
Molly had a chestnut filly on 4-13-10
her name is Turtle

A new Baby.

5 04 2010
Fancy Had a beautiful baby girl on April 1 2010
Yes an April Fools Baby.
This is her at 3 days old.

Fancy and Snow

10 03 2010
We got snow last nigh then it froze right away so now I guess we have ice but it is still nice to look at.
But you know as much as I love the snow I could have done with out it this time of the year we are just to
close to the girls having there foals. They are very fat and they have started to bag up. all of us are getting very excited around here. You cant really tell with the blanket on but Fancy looks as if she swallowed one of those bit exercise balls. Her baby is very active I watch and fill it all the time. She just go on like there is nothing happening But Molly on the other hand when her baby moves she turns around and looks to her belly as if to tell it nock it off in there it is funny to watch there different reactions with everything, Fancy runs and plays like always but Molly just chills and talks to everyone that walks by. This is going to be so fun.


The Expecting Parents

28 11 2009

This is my Haflinger mare FANCEE FRAULEIN WGF ( Fancy)
She is 8 years old and 13.3 hh But you don’t know your are on a small horse she fills so big and will do anything.


Her sire is A Rock. He has earned the highest honor in the Haflinger World by being classified ‘GOLD‘ According to the World Haflinger Federation Standards. There are only Five Gold stallions in North America with him being one of them, and only the top 1% of Haflingers in the world have this honor.

Fancy is in foal to a wonderful Stallion named Socrates.   Socrates, stands 15+ hands and is SILVER RATED.  

Picture gallery for Socrates at,

Fancy is due late march 2010


Impressive Molly B (Molly) is a Breeding stock APHA.
She is a wonderful WP mare That knows she is pretty.
Molly’s sire is Extra Impressive. He is double registered AQHA/APHA stallion, a World Champion Halter Horse and APHA Champion
Molly is in foal to What If Hez An Angel (aka Tuck) a 2002 APHA Chestnut Overo Stallion. Tuck is out of Hez So Heavenly
Molly is due late march 2010

Well, Now comes the challenge of thinking of names.



Just a little over 4 months to go

22 11 2009


 I cant wait to see the baby’s. One APHA baby from Molly and One Haflinger baby from Fancy. What fun. As soon as I get my Computer back from the shop I will post more on them, Right now I am at my moms house and she dose not have any pics of the girls. So to be continued.

Just out to play

13 07 2009
Otter and I like to just play see what we can think of doing and just go for it.
He is so much fun to play with. It is hard to believe that just 2 years ago
when I got him for the Mustang Makeover he was so very Wild.
Otter under Noodles 1
Otter box tube

Otter’s First Parade

9 07 2009
This was a great forth of July, Otter was in his first Parade and he did wonderful.
This is Me getting Otter Dressed,
He has Sponge Bob Water Wings on,
He stood very still for me to blowing them up.
Blowing up waterwings,

Blowing up waterwings,


Otter Parade 17 

We’re almost dressed,

Otter Parade 14  
OK  here we are all dressed for the Parade.
Otter Parade 12


Otter Parade 13
This is us in the Parade going down main street.
Otter Parade 1


Otter Parade 5


Otter Parade 3 
My sister is the one driving the quad, she is pulling a trailer with a pool
full of water and all kinds of fun pool toys in the pool and on the quad
She was also blowing bubbles.

Otter Parade 7

Otter Parade 10